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AG Pharma Consult is well positioned to support a full range of services in assisting its customers to find suitable partners for In-licensing and Out-licensing of pharmaceutical and healthcare products.


Indeed, we have in-depth knowledge in pharmaceutical business development area and substantial understanding in all aspects of pharmaceutical industry from regulatory, supply chain, manufacturing to marketing and sales development.


Based on the experience of our associates, we have decided to focus on several main directions of business development support :


  • Licensing-in (product license portfolio expansion, business development support)

  • Licensing-out (international sales development)

  • Strategic corporate projects

  • Specific ad-hoc projects 


However, if needed, we can advise also our clients in the following areas :

  • Development and implementation of export marketing and sales strategy

  • Life cycle management of product portfolio

  • Market research, market opportunities assessments

  • Interim management in export or business development roles

  • Training of international marketing and sales structures


As a reactive structure, AG Pharma offers a flexible cost-effective approach to developing a successful international business by allowing its customers to outsource and/or complement their export sales structure and international or business development functions.


Every project is customised in accordance with each client’s specific requirements and include all aspects of business development from profiling and contacting potential partners to the finalisation of commercial agreements, but also key account management of the new partner’s activities (product registration, product launch, sales performance reporting) if desired by the clients.


Our remuneration is based mainly on the revenue we generate for you.

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