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AG Pharma Consult helps companies to identify, evaluate and negotiate in-licensing opportunities to expand their actual product portfolio and also develop their presence in new markets or new therapeutic areas.


There is a regular need for pharmaceutical companies to develop their franchise area by incorporating new products and technologies.


We help our clients to optimize their portfolio, the search for products and partners from first contacts to negotiation and contractual phase.


AG Pharma Consult is effective in assisting companies’ access in-licensing projects in situations where the company does not have the resources and/or the infrastructures to perform it.


AG Pharma Consult can perform also parallel licensing-in search along with existing capacity of the client.

In this case, we research and seek out appropriate suppliers or manufacturers of the products targeted, according to the client’s specifications.


AG Pharma Consult can define and negotiate terms of the deal, when requested by clients.

Our services :


  • Product portfolio analysis

  • Product opportunities search and identification of potential partners

  • Support for in-licensing project management

  • Assistance during negotiation process and contractual phase

  • Strategic advice


Retaining AG Pharma Consult can increase your prospect candidates leading to faster transactions and therefore quicker return on investment.

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